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Democrats meet in Yamhill County, Approve Resolutions on Campaign Finance, Green New Deal, Forest Practices, Racism as Public Health Threat and Preventing War with Iran

Aug 14, 2019


For Immediate Release
Contact: Molly Woon
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August 14, 2019
NEWBERG — The State Central Committee (SCC) of the Democratic Party of Oregon met in Yamhill County this weekend to complete a jam-packed agenda of caucus meetings, strategize for the 2020 election, and consider DPO resolutions. 

Among the five resolutions approved, the SCC voted overwhelmingly to thank the Oregon Legislature for passing several meaningful campaign reform bills and sending a constitutional amendment to the people of Oregon for a vote to allow limits on campaign spending. 

“Huge campaign contributions from billionaires and massive corporations are drowning out the voices of ordinary people in their government,” said Patrick Maguire, sponsor of the measure and chair of the Washington County Democratic Party. “We are grateful to Governor Brown and the Legislature for taking meaningful steps to reduce the role of money out of politics and make sure everyone has a voice.” 

Key legislation to strengthen democracy and increase campaign transparency this session includes: 

  • SJR 18 – Referring a constitutional amendment to the voters to reform campaign finance laws in Oregon
  • HB 2716 and HB 2983 – Providing greater transparency in political campaign spending
  • SB 861 – Increasing voting accessibility by providing pre-paid postage for Oregon ballots

“​Trust in our democracy depends on the people of Oregon being certain that their elected officials are not unduly influenced by corporate contributions or by a few wealthy mega-donors,” said KC Hanson, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Campaign Finance Reform remains a key legislative priority for our party.” 

The SCC also approved a resolution calling on the Oregon Health Authority to name racism as a threat to public health. 

“Experiences of racial discrimination are an important type of psychosocial stressor that can lead to adverse changes in health status and altered behavioral patterns that increase health risks,” said Travis Nelson, Oregon DNC Member and a sponsor of the resolution. “We must recognize this crisis. This issue affects all of us. That begins with putting racism on the agenda as a public health threat.” 

Additionally, the DPO Environmental Caucus submitted resolutions to support major components of the Green New Deal and modernization of forest practices. 

“The scope of our environmental priorities is broad and the time to act is now,” said David McCall, chair of the DPO Environmental Caucus. “That’s why we are calling on all of our electeds to support the principles of a Green New Deal, and why we support a ban on clearcutting and the use of herbicides, pesticides and other chemical fertilizers in Oregon’s drinking watersheds.”

In response to escalating tensions with Iran, the SCC also approved a resolution supporting and urging the Oregon Congressional delegation to vote for and swiftly pass the “Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2019” (S. 1039/H.R. 2354). 

Complete language of each resolution passed can be found below: