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Resolution 2019-007: In Support of the Two Major Components Included in the Green New Deal Resolution

Sponsored by: Resolution submitted by David McCall, Tillamook County Approved: 08/11/2019


WHEREAS, the first major component identifies with the science, and confirms that we are at a climate crisis and that numerous actions need to be taken quickly to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, through steps including stopping the use of fossil fuels, planting trees, and taking other efficiency actions to reduce our energy use, and

WHEREAS, the second component acknowledges that taking bold action will cause harm, and to alleviate those hardships outlines a set of promises to protect people from the huge economic upheaval that will occur when we address the climate crisis, such as job guarantees, retraining, and addressing current inequality, and

WHEREAS, studies show that drastic steps need to be taken within 11 years to curb greenhouse gas emissions to avert a climate crisis that will dramatically and adversely affect the livability of the planet, and

WHEREAS, a Green New Deal calls for a big, bold transformation of the economy to tackle the twin crises of inequality and climate change, and

WHEREAS, a climate crisis is one of the most important issues for Democratic voters, especially for younger voters, and

WHEREAS, a Green New Deal would cut climate pollution, while creating millions of family-sustaining jobs, expanding access to clean air and water, raising wages, and building climate resilience, addressing issues outlined in a broad cross section of multiple articles in the 2018 Platform of the Democratic Party of Oregon, and

WHEREAS, specific support for a Green New Deal was not included in the 2018 Platform, since the Green New Deal was introduced as a concept following the adoption of the 2018 Platform by the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon.


Section 1. We support the concepts of a Green New Deal.

Section 2. We call on all our elected and appointed officials and representatives to support and promote legislation and policies that conform to the principles of a Green New Deal.

Section 3. We call on the Democratic National Committee to support and hold a full climate debate among candidates for President in 2020, and allow candidates to participate in debates on the climate crisis sponsored by other organizations.

Section 4. Employers are required to recognize union elections and establish a contract.

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