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The Democratic Party of Oregon holds several conventions in the four-year cycle. We also host special conventions in the instance of a legislative or candidate vacancy.

Regular Conventions

Platform Convention

Every other year the Democratic Party of Oregon hosts a Platform Convention where Delegates from each County can attend and weigh in on the Democratic Party of Oregon Platform and set our legislative priorities (which then become our Legislative Action Items) for the next two years. The Platform and Legislative Action Items can be found at and The only business of this convention is to draft our Platform and Legislative Action Items.

Delegate Nominating Convention

In presidential election years, the Democratic Party of Oregon hosts a series of Presidential Delegate Nominating Conventions. The rules for this process are determined each cycle by the Democratic National Committee and then honed in Oregon’s Delegate Selection Plan. Oregon uses a proportional representation plan based on the results of our Vote-By-Mail primary. Typically we host a combination of District Level Conventions and a Statewide Convention. The only business of these conventions is to select our delegates, alternates, and standing committee members to the Democratic National Convention.

Nominating Conventions

In the event of a vacancy in partisan office, or in a candidate position after the primary, the Democratic Party of Oregon will work with the County parties within the district to host a nominating convention to fill that vacancy.

Precinct Committee Persons (both elected and appointed) who represent the district are able to participate in this convention as voters. This process is regulated by Oregon State Law, as well as the DPO’s Bylaws and Standing Rules, and the DPO is responsible for making sure this convention is compliant with these regulations to ensure that the nominee chosen by the convention does not face any legal barriers.

In the event of a vacancy in your area, expect a call quickly from the DPO to your County Chair to set up a plan. If you hear of an impending vacancy in your area, contact [email protected] right away.

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