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The Democratic Party of Oregon is committed to training people at all levels of experience as local party leaders and campaign volunteers, building skills to lead successful party organization, promote Democratic values, attract new voters, support our candidates and win elections.

DPO Trainings

The DPO provides ongoing trainings for county party leaders, candidates, and local party and campaign volunteers, as stand-alone events, as part of our regularly scheduled State Central Committee weekend meetings, as webinars and conference calls, and as one-on-one tutorials.

DPO Monthly Conference Calls

Each month, the Democratic Party of Oregon hosts a Democratic Leaders Call where critical information on upcoming events and projects is shared. A monthly invitation is sent to each Chair and Vice Chair of our party organizations.

DPO Leadership Retreat

Each year the Democratic Party of Oregon will host a free two-day retreat for Chairs and Vice Chairs to cover leadership topics and information on running effective party organizations. This retreat is supported by the Meredith Wood Smith Grassroots Leadership Institute.

State Central Committee Training Sessions

On the Saturday preceding each State Central Committee meeting, trainings on topics such as Going From Red to Blue, Message Framing, Using Social Media, and more are offered to SCC members and all interested Democrats.

Local Elections Project

The DPO Local Elections Project hosts regular training to back county parties in their efforts to elect Democrats to local office.  In-person and webinar trainings are held annually to help county parties recruit and support local candidates, and to help candidates and their teams run winning campaigns.

DPO Training Library

The DPO maintains a library of video recordings of our live trainings, with downloadable supporting hand-out materials, at (login: democrat; password: training). The videos are categorized by interest, and include trainings for county party leaders, Democratic candidates, and volunteers engaged in party-building and campaign activities. The library is updated regularly.

Train to Win Weekly Webinars

Weekly webinars offered by the Association of State Democratic Chairs, a branch of the DNC, are scheduled on Thursdays at 12 p.m. Online pre-registration is required for each session.

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