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Resolution 2018-008: Resolution for Humane Immigration Enforcement

Sponsored by: John Harris Knight-Multnomah County, Annie Naranjo-Rivera-Tillamook County, James Barber-Lane County, Solea Kabakov-Wasco County Approved: 08/12/2018


Whereas, the responsibilities of managing U.S. immigration policy have transitioned from the Department of Labor, an agency focused on labor matters, to the Department of Justice, an agency focused on criminal matters, but these responsibilities now fall under the Department of Homeland Security, an agency focused largely on terrorism.

Whereas, Article 7 of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s 2018 Platform states; “As a nation founded largely on immigration, we value its benefit to our society. Oregon Democrats stand firm against xenophobic, prejudiced, and racist rhetoric and government policies. We recognize the invaluable contributions of immigrants, including refugees, to our communities and insist their rights be respected.”

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 2 states, “We believe undocumented immigrant workers and their families should have a path to legal residence, and eventually citizenship.

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 4 states, “We believe undocumented immigrants should not be subject to detention or deportation without due process and should be accorded protections and services in accordance with basic human rights.”

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 5 states, “We believe immigrants with family legally present in the United States, immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, and immigrants with longstanding ties to U.S. communities should not be deported without due process and consideration of these circumstances.”

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 9. We believe a nation as deeply rooted in immigration as ours should welcome and consider for refugee or asylum status refugees of war, climate change, natural disasters, extreme social violence, including but not limited to strong discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, gang wars, or genocide.

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 10. We believe immigrants deserve dignity and should not be detained by Immigration and Custom Enforcement authorities for civil infractions. All people, including immigrants, need to be treated equally under the law and

should be granted legal and translation services and all basic human rights.

Whereas, Article 7 Plank 11. We believe asylum seekers should not be deported if there is any likelihood they will be subject to death or harm upon return.

Whereas, entering the US seeking asylum it is not a crime; and

Whereas, all persons within the borders of United States are guaranteed the rights stated in our constitution,  and

Whereas, ICE is impeding a humane and reasonable path to legal residency; and

Whereas, the active persecution and arrest of long time immigrant residents and creates a fearful climate where people are afraid to report crime to law enforcement.

Whereas, families should be kept together and the parents and guardians of children should be empowered to keep their children safe and protect them from needless trauma; and

Whereas, we oppose immigration policy that uses threats of family separation as a weapon to deter immigration and refugees coming to the United States; and

Whereas, ICE agencies have been accused with grave human rights violations, including putting children in cages, locking people in cold rooms, and denying access to legal council.

Whereas, over 1,310 claims of sexual abuse have been reported since 2013, and these reports include cases describing children “routinely handcuffed, placed in solitary confinement, strip searched, sedated, and left “nude and shivering” in concrete cells.”

Whereas, ICE policy has disproportionately targeted and persecuted Indigenous peoples; and

Whereas, ICE policy of separating Indigenous children from their families with no plan for reunification in some cases has led to foster care placements and even adoption; and

Whereas, ICE’s child separation policy adds one more example to the long list of historic and recent policies toward Indigenous Peoples which collectively border on the legal definition of genocide, (United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260 defines genocide as including: “(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” with “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group,”)

Whereas, the United Nations Human Rights Office publicly criticized ICE’s immigration policy, stating “The use of immigration detention and family separation as a deterrent runs counter to human rights standards and principles,” and “Detention is never in the best interests of the child and always constitutes a child rights violation,”


Section 1: To call for the dismantling of ICE nationally, and the removal of immigration agencies from under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, which would include an exit strategy designed to protect individuals who are already in ICE custody or who are already impacted by its policies.

Section 2: To support convening a commission of experts with the authority to develop and implement a roadmap for a humane immigration system that upholds the dignity of all individuals, that calls for the demilitarization of immigration management, and the transfer of all ICE responsibilities to other government agencies, which have proven track records of transparency, accountability and compliance with the law.

Section 3: That all immigration related contracts should be given to public or not-for-profit agencies and that we oppose any policy which allows private or public agencies or individuals to profit from immigrant detention or immigration policy.

Section 4: That the State of Oregon should terminate all contracts with ICE effective immediately and that undocumented immigrants and refugees in our custody will not be turned over to ICE.

Section 5: That undocumented immigrants should not be detained for immigration offenses and should instead be monitored until their case is resolved or immigration status is granted.

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