Party Resolutions

Resolution 2016-080: Regarding Policies and Services in Support of Family Caregivers

Sponsored by: Clackamas County Democrats Approved: 05/01/2016


WHEREAS family caregivers play a vital role in enabling frail seniors, people with serious health challenges, persons with special needs, and others requiring assistance with activities of daily living to remain in their homes; and

WHEREAS enabling people to remain at home for as long as possible is both more compassionate and more affordable than institutional care, which comes at a high cost, often supported by taxes; and

WHEREAS by 2020 Oregon plans to invest in preventative services so that only 3% of Oregonians 65% and older will need to access publicly funded long-term care services; and

WHEREAS by 2020 Oregon plans to remove barriers so that 50% of individuals accessing long-term care receive services in their own home; and

WHEREAS by 2020 Oregon plans to improve home and community based care infrastructure so that only 10% of individuals accessing long-term care services receive services in nursing facilities; and

WHEREAS over 30 percent of adults 60+ have one or more disabilities, including disabilities that affect self care; and

WHEREAS medical advances allow millions to live much longer with chronic illnesses, increasing the requirement for caregiving; and

WHEREAS the stress imposed on families by caregiving is a health risk factor that warrants attention as a Public Health issue; and

WHEREAS caregiving imposes significant financial burdens on both caregivers and employers, affecting the economy and contributing to the impoverishment of families; and

WHEREAS the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that one in nine Americans aged 65 and older are affected with the condition.



1. We encourage the creation of a qualified volunteer and paid “Caregiver Corps” to provide non-medical assistance and companionship to frail elders; and

2. We encourage care funding that provides options, making at home care at least as financially feasible for families as institutional care.

3. We recognize and support the important role that family caregivers play in Oregon; and

4. We support policies and initiatives to provide the support and training needed to make family caregiving more feasible, affordable, and effective; and

5.eeeeeWe encourage efforts at the state and county levels to analyze population demographic trends to determine both current and future service requirements for care recipients and caregivers, and to permit data-driven policy and program recommendations about our aging populations and the workforce development needed to empower those who need care to heal, age and live in place; and

6. We encourage employers to establish policies that recognize the impact that caregiving can have on workers, and encourage employers to find ways to support their workers during difficult family times.

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