Party Resolutions

Resolution 2011-050: Supporting Senate Bill 845

Sponsored by: Lupita Maurer Approved: 05/22/2011


WHEREAS, The true spirit of our country is grounded in immigration and the willing participation and shared responsibility of ordinary working men and women;

WHEREAS, Before 2008, any person residing in Oregon could obtain a driver license after passing written and driving tests, and showing proof of insurance;

WHEREAS, The right to transportation is necessary for prosperity;

WHEREAS, All persons residing in Oregon will benefit from increased safety on Oregon’s roads.

WHEREAS, Oregon SB 845 provides that drivers who have met all other requirements for licensing in the state of Oregon will be granted an Oregon driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles regardless of their ability to provide proof of legal presence in the United States;

NOW HEREBY BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Democratic Party of Oregon, its officers and members shall take every responsible action, private and public, to support this legislation.

Adopted this 22nd day of May by the state central committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

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