Party Resolutions

Resolution 2011-051: A Morally Balanced Budget

Sponsored by: State Platform Resolution Committee Approved: 08/07/2011


Whereas the heart and soul of the Democratic Party is promoting justice, equal opportunity, and compassion in pursuit of the common good; and

Whereas Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have been crucial in providing equal opportunity and reducing poverty and suffering among the elderly, disabled, sick, poor, and children; and

Whereas the Bush tax cuts have significantly reduced necessary funding for social programs protecting the most vulnerable members of our society; and

Whereas the assault on the middle class and the poor and the increasing gap between the rich and the rest of society are clear and present dangers to a civil and fair America;[i] and

Whereas corporate income taxes have declined from nearly one third of total revenue in the 1950’s to less than one sixth of total revenue today,[ii] and

Whereas the military budget is grossly out of proportion to spending on human services;[iii] and

Whereas the reinstatement of a Wall Street transaction tax would be a fair and sensible way to significantly reduce the budget deficit and fund essential programs;[iv] and

Whereas government is crucial in providing for basic investments in health, scientific research, infrastructure, environmental protection, education, energy independence, and public safety:


  1. We will protect Social Security from being privatized or having its services reduced and will remove the cap on individual contributions to Social Security to promote fairness and ensure continuing funding.
  2. We will protect Medicare from being privatized or having its services reduced and will work to provide universal health care.
  3. We will protect Medicaid from being privatized or having its services reduced and will uphold and promote community health funding.
  4. We insist that the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest individuals be allowed to expire.
  5. We strongly support tax policies that require corporations to pay their fair share of taxes in relation to individual taxpayers.
  6. We support HB 4191 as introduced by Congressman Peter DeFazio which reinstates a tax on high-value financial trades.
  7. We call on Congress to significantly reduce the military budget, including eliminating unnecessary bases and weapons systems.
  8. We call on all Democratic Party organizations, our congressional delegations, and the President of the United States to adopt and act upon the principles of this Resolution.

Resolution recommended for adoption by the State Platform Resolution Committee on July 23, 2011

Passed by Democratic Party of Oregon State Central Committee on August 7th, 2011

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