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If Knute Buehler had his way, working families wouldn’t be getting a raise today

Jul 01, 2018

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July 1, 2018


If Knute Buehler had his way, working families wouldn’t be getting a raise today


In 2016 State Representative Knute Buehler had the opportunity to give thousands of Oregonians statewide a raise. He voted no.


That vote had huge consequences for hard working Oregonians.


In the Portland area, the minimum wage will rise to $12 per hour today, bringing wages in line with the self-sufficiency standard for a single adult. As the minimum wage steps up over the next few years, the new law will allow more and more workers and their families to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck.


“This is just another instance in which Knute Buehler had a chance to step up for working families and instead he voted no,” said Brad Martin, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “He’s had his chance to show leadership, but he failed.”


If Knute Buehler had his way, the same worker would be earning $470 less each month.


That’s enough to make or break rent. It’s also the kind of money that can put most Americans into debt if they don’t have it when crisis strikes.


That’s $470 from Oregonians who need it most: hard-working families trying to get ahead.


Thankfully, Gov. Kate Brown and leaders in the Oregon Legislature passed Oregon’s landmark minimum wage law in 2016. And today 160,000 Oregonians are getting a raise.


“Oregonians need leaders like Governor Kate Brown in office, who will fight for working families and protect these hard-fought gains from being stripped away.” said Martin.


Knute Buehler’s record shows who he’s fighting for: Members of the top 1% like himself instead of Oregon’s working families.