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After bruising race to the right, Republican voters show tepid support for Buehler

May 15, 2018

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May 15, 2018


After bruising race to the right, Republican voters show tepid support for Buehler


BEND — With the majority of votes counted and many news outlets calling the race for the GOP Gubernatorial nomination for Knute Buehler, Democrats are intent on reminding voters and political insiders that Buehler’s values are out of step with most Oregonians.


“Buehler had to make a hard turn to the right to squeak through this primary,” said Jeanne Atkins, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “His positions on choice, gun reform, and his ethical lapses have been clearly tested on the public stage. We will be hard at work making sure voters know that the Republican nominee is cut from the same cloth as his cronies in DC.”


In the course of the primary election, Buehler made several troubling statements on a women’s right to choose, especially as he sought to win over voters on conservative talk radio.  Additionally, Buehler bragged about his NRA rating and saying he would refuse to implement gun reforms if elected Governor.


“If you don’t support a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion, then you are not pro-choice. Period,” said Atkins. “In his attempt to court the fringe of his party, Buehler’s made clear that he is not a pro-choice candidate and he is not a candidate we can count on to champion common sense gun safety measures.”


When called upon to release his taxes, Buehler punted and, after months of dodging the question, he proudly claimed his support of the wildly unpopular GOP tax cuts in the one and only GOP Gubernatorial Debate on the Lars Larson Show.


“Knute Buehler is all wrong for Oregon,” said Atkins. “He has already come under file for his ethical lapses on his financial disclosure forms. Now he’s hiding his taxes from Oregon voters. If Buehler wants to manage taxpayer dollars, the least he can do is show how he keeps his own house in order.”