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DPO files election complaint against Ogden for misrepresenting his candidacy

Apr 19, 2018

April 19, 2018 

PORTLAND — The Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) filed an elections complaint today against Lou Ogden, candidate for Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries and long-time registered Republican. The complaint details several instances where Ogden is out of compliance with ORS 260.550, statute that makes clear that a candidate cannot falsely present themselves as an incumbent in a race for an open seat. 

The complaint explains how Ogden is misrepresenting himself as an incumbent in the office in the following ways: 

  1. In Ogden’s campaign television ad, he says "As the Labor Commissioner, it's my responsibility to make sure…"  By referring to his “responsibility” in the present tense, Mr. Ogden clearly intends to present himself as currently holding this public office. This is done with complete knowledge that this presentation is a falsity. 
  2. Lou Ogden's lawn signs say "Lou Ogden, Commissioner, Bureau of Labor & Industries."  It does not say "vote for", "elect", or any other language to suggest that he is running for office and not the current Commissioner. 
  3. Lou Ogden's television ad, which is also on Facebook, uses the same misleading logo at the end of the ad. 

“As these examples make clear, Lou Ogden is purposely misrepresenting himself to Oregon voters,” said Jeanne Atkins, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair and former Oregon Secretary of State. “Public office requires earning and keeping the public's trust. It is disappointing to see Mr. Ogden try to skirt the rules with this dishonest representation of his candidacy.” 

The full complaint can be found on the DPO website