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Knute Buehler sides with anti-abortion extremists on reproductive health access

Apr 24, 2018

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April 24, 2018 

Knute Buehler sides with anti-abortion extremists on reproductive health access

PORTLAND — Oregon Public Broadcasting reported this week that Republican gubernatorial hopeful Knute Buehler opposes public funding for safe, legal abortion, putting him squarely in line with right-wing attempts to take reproductive health care away from thousands of Oregon women.

"Oregonians will not stand for right-wing attacks on their health care. While Knute Buehler tries to dance around his positions during this heated Republican primary, we are on to him. He has proven with his words and actions that he's not on our side,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Buehler’s remarks, as reported by OPB, come as just the latest example in a long record of standing in the way of reproductive health access. contains a timeline of news items dating back to 2014 that demonstrate why Oregon voters should be alarmed:

  • Voted against safeguarding abortion rights: The Reproductive Health Equity Act was the single most important vote in Knute Buehler's legislative career to protect access to reproductive health care. He voted NO.
  • Opposed patient privacy protections: In 2015, Knute Buehler voted against legislation to ensure confidentiality in insurance communications. Without these protections, some women cannot seek the health care they need for fear of someone else receiving their medical information.
  • Failed to stand up for Planned Parenthood: When asked why he wasn't defending Planned Parenthood in the face of relentless federal attacks – including the health center in his own legislative district – Knute Buehler dodged responsibility. That's not showing leadership. That's playing politics with women's lives.
  • Sided with anti-abortion extremists: In 2014, Knute Buehler met with and earned the "recommendation" of Oregon Right To Life, which means he supports "the majority" of their priorities. This radical organization is determined to restrict birth control and to outlaw all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

“Knute Buehler can’t have it both ways,” said Laurel Swerdlow, Interim Executive Director of Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon. “He can’t claim to support reproductive health care while opposing access for low-income Oregon women. We need a governor who can be trusted to fight for all Oregon women, regardless of how much money they make.”



“Buehler told another questioner that he wasn’t familiar with a proposed initiative that would prohibit state funding of abortion for low-income women. But he said he opposed state funding except in cases where it is “medically necessary.””


“Buehler Looks To November As Other Republicans Question His Conservatism,” Oregon Public Broadcasting, April 23, 2018.