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Who is telling the truth? Super PAC funder Andrew Miller, or Super PAC consultant Greg Clapper?

May 06, 2014

Either way — it's trouble for Monica Wehby. Pro-Wehby Super PAC representatives can’t get their story straight about Super PAC coordination


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PORTLAND, Oregon (May 6, 2014) – 

Yesterday, after the Democratic Party of Oregon filed a Federal Election Commission complaint alleging illegal coordination between Monica Wehby’s campaign and the Super PAC funded by timber baron Andrew Miller, Super PAC consultant Greg Clapper told the Oregonian that the “complaint was particularly unmerited because [he said he] didn't even tell Miller and Parks what the ads would look like before they ran.”

GREG CLAPPER: "There was no discussion with Loren or Andrew. They have no editorial control over what I produced."

This response by Clapper doesn’t square with Andrew Miller’s past comments about the Super PAC. Miller previously told the Oregonian"We wouldn’t have spent any money if there weren’t relevant political issues that matter to voters."

So who is telling the truth?  Clapper says Andrew Miller had nothing to do with the ads.  Miller says that he only funded the ads because there was specific content he wanted to deliver. They can't both be right.

Wehby’s Super PAC representatives can’t get their story straight about their Super PAC and how it works.  And if they’re not truthful about coordination, what else are they lying about? Voters in Oregon deserve answers.


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