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After Republican Returns Loren Parks’ Money, Monica Wehby Still Silent on Parks’ Support of Her Campaign

May 07, 2014


Contact: Jamal Raad / jamal [at] dpo [dot] org / (503) 239-8631

PORTLAND, Oregon (May 7, 2014) – 

Last week, Greg Barreto, a Republican running for the Oregon State House, returned a $30,000 donation from Nevada millionaire and uncertified sex hypnotherapist Loren Parks. Loren Parks has a history of offensive remarks about women’s health. Last month, the Washington Examiner reported that Loren Parks has advocated using a “buzzer” to cure “sex guilt” and other “women’s sex problems,” as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
On April 25, the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) called on Monica Wehby to condemn Loren Parks and his Super PAC supporting her campaign. Wehby nor her campaign have commented on Parks’ role in the Super PAC.
“A fellow Republican is catching on and returning Loren Parks’ money, but Monica Wehby seems perfectly fine with Parks boosting her campaign with vast sums of money through his Super PAC," DPO Chair Frank Dixon said. "She should condemn Parks’ disgusting comments and the Super PAC that is doing her dirty work, running negative ads on her primary opponent. Nevada millionaire Loren Parks should have no role in Oregon politics.”
Loren Parks has partnered with timber baron Andrew Miller to start a Super PAC called “If He Votes Like That in Salem, Imagine What He Will Do in Congress.” It has spent over $100,000 in negative radio, mail, and billboards in support of Wehby’s candidacy. According to news reports, Wehby and Miller are romantically linked. Earlier this week, the DPO filed a Federal Election Commission Complaint against Wehby and the Super PAC, alleging coordination between Miller and Wehby's campaign.