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Cornilles’ Favorite Fabrication: 500 Jobs Created

Jan 18, 2012


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Portland, Ore. (January 18, 2012) – 

As Rob Cornilles continues to spread blatant falsehoods about Suzanne Bonamici, now with the coordinated backing of the national Republican party, the Democratic Party of Oregon is calling attention to Cornilles’ favorite lie about himself: his job creation claims.

Since he launched his first campaign for Congress in 2009, Cornilles has had a habit of using big numbers to make his business credentials sound credible; but as independent news outlets have looked into his inflated claims, Cornilles has been forced to duck, dodge and–in some cases –lie outright.

In a television interview one month ago, Cornilles was pressed on whether he had ever claimed that his company was responsible for creating 500 jobs. Cornilles answered “no,” then, catching himself, said he had in fact made that claim, but only one time because he misspoke.

“For three years as a candidate, Cornilles has weaved together lies and exaggerations to hide his real business record,” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Lying outright to a reporter, when the evidence is abundant and accessible, is a low even for Cornilles.”


Claimed He Created More Than 500 Jobs – #1
At an Americans for Prosperity Warrenton Meeting, Cornilles said, “As a business owner, for 15 years, having employed dozens of people, having created jobs for more than 500 people around the country, in fact even overseas.” [Americans for Prosperity Warrenton Meeting, 1/19/10, Video]

Claimed He Created More Than 500 Jobs – #2
At a candidate forum in April 2010, Cornilles said, “We’ve created more than 500 jobs for people all around the county, even internationally.” [Candidate Forum, 4/22/10, Video]

Claimed He Created Nearly 600 Jobs  – #3
In October 2010, Cornilles told The Oregonian, “his own record of job creation — nearly 600 and counting by his count –more than compensates for his lack of political experience.” [Oregonian, 10/14/10,]

Claimed He was Able to Create 500 Jobs – #4
In 2011, Cornilles talked about the success of his business to employees at LEKTRO. He said “and we’ve also over the years been able to create 500 jobs. 500 jobs, for people all over the country who wanted to work in our industry.  [LEKTRO worksite visit, 10/27/11, Video]

Claimed He Created More Than 500 Jobs in “Last 10 Years Alone” – #5
“I have created more than 500 jobs over the last 10 years alone. I think I know how to create jobs where people didn't know how to find work. In fact I don't think, I did. Every one of those 500 people I got a job for came to me cause they couldn't find work. There's more I have to say about that.” [3/11/10, Cornilles House Party, Audio]

Claimed He Created More Than 500 Jobs in Last 10 Years – #6
“In the last ten years alone I've created more than 500 jobs. I know how to create jobs if left alone and not encumbered by government. And so that's the message of the day, that's the Republicans' winning message in 2010.” [5/5/10, Executive Club Forum, Video]

Claimed He Created More Than 500 Jobs – #7
“My company, Game Face, has been known throughout the last ten years plus, as being the company in the sports industry that produces jobs for people. Now, not only do I do that internally by hiring people to work for me, but I've created, indirectly and directly, more than 500 jobs, in fact, careers, for people in the last ten years. [3/23/10, Populations TV Show, Host Jim Winkle, Video]

Cornilles said he “misspoke one time” about creating 500 jobs.
Asked by KATU reporter Patrick Preston whether he'd consider those 500 jobs that he created, Cornilles said, “No. I misspoke one time in the business of a campaign in a speech. I misspoke one time.” [KATU, 12/13/11,  Video]