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DPO Launches New Video, Website: “The Real Rob Cornilles”

Nov 02, 2011


Contact: Erik Dorey, Communications Director | press [at] dpo [dot] org | (503) 239-8624

Portland, Ore. (November 2, 2011) – 

Today, the Democratic Party of Oregon released a new video and website entitled “The Real Rob Cornilles” that expose some of the lies Tea Party congressional candidate Rob Cornilles is peddling to Oregon voters. Cornilles has falsely claimed he is not a millionaire, is running away from his self-proclaimed status as “the original Tea Party candidate” and continues to exaggerate his record on job creation.

“Rob Cornilles continues to say one thing and do another. From his false statements that he’s not a millionaire to backtracking on his Tea Party affiliation to his inflated job creation claims, Rob Cornilles has not been straight with Oregon voters,” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director at the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Oregonians can’t trust Rob Cornilles, who is willing to say anything to get elected.”

Who is the REAL Rob Cornilles?

Find out:

“The Real Rob Cornilles”

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Rob says he’s not a millionaire:

Cornilles: “By the way the biggest laugh in the hall so far tonight was from my wife when he called me a millionaire.” [Jewish Federation Candidate Forum, 10/10/11]

Even though he’s worth more than $8 million. [Personal Financial Disclosure, 2011]   

Rob Running from his Tea Party Roots:

Cornilles: “I was the original Tea Party candidate.” [Executive Club forum, 5/5/10]  

But now he doesn’t know what that means.

Cornilles: “Well I really don’t know what we mean when we say Tea Party quite frankly.” [KGW Straight Talk, 10/15/11]

Rob’s Inflated Job Claims:

Cornilles: “We’ve created more than 500 jobs for people” [Candidate Forum, 4/22/10]

Cornilles: “And just to be clear, our 60 employees are not all right now, over the years we’ve had 60 people go through” [KAST Radio, 9/22/11]

And he’s created 5 jobs. [Oregonian, 10/15/11]