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Dudley driven to help the “ultra-affluent” instead of Oregon families

Jul 07, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (July 7, 2010) – 

In a new campaign ad, Chris Dudley relies on an associate from his time in the financial industry to describe how he saw Dudley as “driven” and “focused” while they worked for what their firm described as the “ultra-affluent.” At Filigree the firm promised potential clients they would help them attain a “Home in Tuscany, a Winery in Santa Barbara” or whatever clients wanted for their “your family and your legacy.”

But voters have not seen the “focused” or “driven” Chris Dudley. He still can’t offer any specific positions or ideas on the issues that face Oregonians who don’t fall into the “ultra-affluent” category.

Dudley has refused to say what specific programs he plans to eliminate if he is elected, or how he can balance the state budget.  Dudley continues to dodge events where he would have the opportunity to explain his positions on the issues with voters. The Douglas County News-Review this week wrote that it “appears Republican candidate Chris Dudley is focused on nursing his position in the polls” instead of debating issues, and that traditionally “the major candidates debate the issues at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association summer conference, but Dudley has demurred, citing a conflict with a planned family vacation.”

“Chris Dudley spent his career in the financial industry protecting the ‘ultra-affluent,’ but as a candidate for governor he continues to duck opportunities to explain what he could do to improve the lives of Oregon’s families who don’t make millions,” said Meredith Wood Smith, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Chris Dudley owes voters specific policy proposals instead of this empty rhetoric.”

Background information on M Financial and Filigree Advisors:

M Wealth Goal: Helping “Ultra-Affluent” With Investing and “Tax Protection.”  According to M Wealth’s web brochure: “As an ultra-affluent individual or family, you enjoy great personal freedom and independence in life. At the same time, your wealth engenders an astounding array of choice for capital investment and tax protection, complex family relationships, and extraordinary opportunities for creating an enduring legacy. … M Financial Wealth Management (M Wealth) appreciates that such complexity of interests, goals, and aspirations is unique to the ultra affluent and requires a comprehensive approach to wealth management.” []

·       “Appropriate tax minimization strategies.” – Part of M Wealth’s “holistic approach” to managing clients’ wealth. []

2008: Dudley Left M Financial to Start Filigree Advisors.  According to Willamette Week, “[Dudley] retired after the 2003 season and in March 2006 took a job with M Financial as a senior vice president in its new wealth management division. But in less than two years, Dudley and his boss at M Financial left to start their own firm, Filigree Advisors. It is unclear why the two left M Financial or how much money they now manage.” [Willamette Week, 12/23/09]

Filigree Advisors: Helping Wealthy Buy “A Home in Tuscany, a Winery in Santa Barbara, or the Family Trip of a Lifetime.”  According to Filigree Advisors website: “What you dream about is what drives us. That's why we start every client relationship by asking you about your goals first — for you, your family and your legacy. Is it a home in Tuscany, a winery in Santa Barbara, or the family trip of a lifetime? Is it starting a new business or moving on from your existing one? Is it college for your grandchildren or an endowment for your college?” []