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Dudley Dodging Debates

Jul 13, 2010

Republican Skips long running Oregon Debate


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (July 13, 2010) – 

Chris Dudley has refused to join in a debate that Oregon’s gubernatorial candidates have participated in for almost 25 years.  Recentnews reports show that Chris Dudley has decided to skip a traditional debate sponsored by the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Associationin favor of vacation.

It comes as no surprise that Chris Dudley is hiding from debating the issues. He has spent his campaign repeating canned talking points and empty republican rhetoric, avoiding all opportunities to specifically outline his plans.  Dudley even said in the primary that he saw no reason that he should be required to get specific on the issues while campaigning.

“It seems pretty clear that Chris Dudley’s is afraid to debate the issues important to Oregonians. We are currently facing a crisis and Chris Dudley isn't even prepared to debate, let alone lead.” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “The stakes for Oregonians are too high not to know if Chris Dudley is even up to the task of governing.”

The Republican candidates decision triggered the Douglas County News-Review to say that it “appears Republican candidate Chris Dudley is focused on nursing his position in the polls” instead of debating issues, and that traditionally “the major candidates debate the issues at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association summer conference.”

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When asked for specifics on his budget plan, Dudley said there was “no reason” to get specific [OPB, 5/6/2010]

[Emily Harris]: When I asked you, though, what you'd specifically do, you mentioned a number of groups and you mentioned looking at a lot of different options when I asked you earlier about your sp – how – what you'd cut the tax – capitol gains tax to – you don't have a number you'd want to give – John Lim here has zero, you have no number.  There's a lot of concern, even among your supporters that you don't have more specifics – and I'm just curious why you don't.

[Dudley]: Well, because there's no reason to come out with the specific right now, we – we're – I'm actually talking with – uh – uh – down in – uh – uh – Salem with putting – putting through the numbers