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Dudley O.K. with Arizona Racial Profiling; would consider it for Oregon

May 04, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (May 4, 2010) – 

Yesterday afternoon on the Lars Larson show, Chris Dudley offered his support for the Arizona racial profiling law that requires Arizona police officers to question any individual they suspect could be an residing here illegally. Dudley told Larson that the measure was “something that we could look at” when pressed about his stance on the Arizona law.

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“The Arizona law is an extreme measure that takes the wrong direction on immigration reform, and undermines America’s basic notion of fairness and encourages intolerance,” said Trent Lutz, Democratic Party of Oregon Executive Director.  “Oregon is not Arizona and Oregonians certainly won’t tolerate the legalized racial profiling that Dudley is suggesting.”

Audio here

5/3/2010 Transcript:

[Lars Larson]: Except that Chris all your solutions are about the federal government doing the job, what about doing what Arizona is doing which is just saying that when the cops run into somebody that they think that they have reasonable suspicion to believe is illegal should they – should they confirm that – or you know find out whether the person is or not – and then take them into custody or not?


[Dudley]: If they have reasonable suspicion, and I think that is probably the key word here, is uh, then I think they should be able to, to look into that –um – and I and that’s uh – it’ll be int – obviously the –courts are gonna take a look at how the Arizona law has been written. I –uh – have looked at it, but the courts will decide whether it’s uh constitutionally uh um uh whether it works in that regard and if it does I think it’s uh- it’s something that we could look at uh, obviously we don’t have quite the same uh –problems that Arizona does with-with the border – um that is we don’t have a border – but we don have a problem with illegal immigrants and we need to look at solutions there. And I think that as a state we need to look at making sure that all the laws are enforced, I also think we need to look into technology um-and I think a uh uh prime – uh uh – prime uh source there would be businesses being able to determine whether their uh employees are legal or illegal and I simply think we should look into areas such as E –verify uh and in in order to get a get a hold of this problem.