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DPO Launches

May 18, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (May 18, 2010) – 

As the general election campaign takes shape, the Democratic Party of Oregon is launching a new website — aimed at figuring out what Chris Dudley really stands for and what his vision for Oregon is.

During the republican primary Dudley avoided getting specific on his policies, at one point even saying that there was “no reason” to come out with specifics. Dudley seems to think he is the best person to take on the role of Governor because of his political inexperience, but that inexperience does not exempt him from sharing his positions. Dudley Do Little will update regularly from the campaign trail to keep pressure on the candidate to clarify why he thinks he is qualified to run the state of Oregon.

“The Governor’s job is far to important and the stakes are too high to let someone coast on celebrity and canned talking points,” said Trent Lutz, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon, “Oregon needs a qualified leadership to guide our state. Thus far, Chris Dudley has failed to show what he brings to the table.”

Our website, will continue to try and find out what Chris Dudley has to offer and what he can bring to the race for Governor.