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What is Chris Dudley afraid of?

Apr 27, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (April 27, 2010) – 


The Dudley campaign looks to be circling the wagons out of fear that voters might see the candidate stumble over questions and draw attention to his lack of credible policy positions.

Last Friday as Dudley wrapped up a rough week— he was captured saying he might leave Oregon if he did not win his campaign. Now, Dudley’s advisors decided the best way to fix the situation was to hide their candidate from the public.

Yesterday in Bend, Dudley campaign staffer “Chris” told a DPO staffer that she would not be allowed to record the public campaign event, and wanted her to leave.

Although Dudley has claimed that he would have an open dialogue and work with all sides, it is becoming clear that he is only willing to talk to people who won’t push him to define his policy positions. Just ask Oregon Right to Life, who at one time said they would work with his campaign and now aresaying  “…we don't trust him.” 

The Oregonian was right, when they said, “…Dudley has run a cautious campaign so far, offering more generalities than specifics on issues such as education, the economy and health care. For now, he lacks the depth and command of the details…” All voters deserve to know what Dudley’s plans are for Oregon. His poor debate performance makes that difficult and now he is even running from the cameras to make it harder.

“Dudley needs to start matching his talking points with actions,” said DPO Communications Director Amy Wojcicki,  “You can’t claim you will be able to work with everyone when you won’t allow everyone hear what you are saying. Oregonians deserve better.”