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Chris Dudley to leave Oregon?

Apr 26, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (April 26, 2010) – 

The primary campaign is taking a toll on Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley.  On Friday Dudley suggested that if he doesn’t win the campaign he might just leave Oregon.


Maybe Dudley wants to leave Oregon because by all measures, last week was pretty tough on his campaign.  He battled with a major constituency in his party, a spat that Oregon Right to Life made public saying  “…we don't trust him.”  Then, mid-week he flopped in the first televised debate, unable to offer clear answers to the questions before him. To top it off, after his loss his campaign made public complaints that the use of undecided voters in a panel on the debate just wasn’t fair.

The bad week continued into the weekend for Dudley as well.  He lost the endorsement of The Register Guard and even the Oregonian qualified their endorsement of Dudley by saying “…Dudley has run a cautious campaign so far, offering more generalities than specifics on issues such as education, the economy and health care. For now, he lacks the depth and command of the details that other candidates,”

Agreed, it was a pretty bad week for Dudley’s campaign, but if that’s all it takes to leave Oregon, is he really ready for the job?

“Dudley wants to convince Oregonians he has the leadership skills to govern a state without any off court experience.” said DPO Communications Director Amy Wojcicki,  “Leaving when you don’t get your way isn’t leadership – it’s taking your toys and going home.”

Watch the exchange with an unidentified supporter in Tillamook last Friday:


[unidentified audience member]:…. If you don’t get elected, I will leave.


[Dudley]: I mi – I might too. no –  just – better watch the recorder here – what are you – where are you putting this?