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Democratic Party of Oregon Response to Dudley’s first Ad

Mar 19, 2010


Amy Wojcicki, Communications Director
[email protected]

PORTLAND, Oregon (March 19, 2010) – 

Today Chris Dudley released his first campaign ad in the governor’s race — not surprisingly, it's perfectly in step with his campaign strategy of rehashing the same tired republican ideas that have failed Oregon and our country so miserably.

Dudley offers no details or substance in his ad:  while it mentions a tax cut, he can’t say how it would help job growth.  Dudley also claims that he would limit spending, but he won’t indicate exactly which essential programs he will cut.  This ad illustrates Dudley's complete lack of a grasp on the key issues in Oregon, and his alarmingly limited understanding of the Governor's leadership role.

“Chris Dudley offers nothing more than regurgitated republican talking points. Stringing together buzz words does not equal sensible policy to lead our state,” said Democratic Party Executive Director Trent Lutz “A new face on old ideas isn’t what Oregonians are looking for.”