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Democratic Party of Oregon Announces Record Participation in Delegate Elections to Democratic National Convention

May 29, 2024

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PORTLAND, OR – President Joe Biden earned nearly 90% of the vote in Oregon’s Democratic presidential primary on May 21st. This overwhelming support from Democratic voters means that all 66 delegate positions representing Oregon at the Democratic National Convention will be apportioned to President Biden. To win delegates, a candidate must receive at least 15% of the primary vote.

“We are beyond excited to see such strong support for our president,” said Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Dr. Rosa Colquitt. “The results of our primary demonstrate that Oregon Democrats are fired up and ready to reelect the Biden-Harris Administration!”

The Democratic National Convention is where the Party officially nominates its Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates and approves its national party platform. Colquitt said the number of Democrats participating in the process to elect Oregon’s delegates to the National Convention is often an indicator of how enthusiastic Democratic voters are in an election year.

“Over 1500 Oregonians have signed up to participate in the process to elect our delegates. That’s more than double the number of people that have ever participated in this process for an incumbent president,” Colquitt said.

“This record-breaking participation in the Party’s Delegate Selection Process is a clear indicator of strong enthusiasm among Democratic voters. We look forward to doing our part to make sure President Biden and Vice President Harris return to the White House in order to build on the historic successes of their first term.”