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Democratic Party of Oregon Applauds Vote to Expel Rep. Mike Nearman

Jun 10, 2021

For Immediate Release
Contact: Eddie Kurtz
[email protected]

Following the Oregon House of Representatives’ bipartisan vote to expel Rep. Mike Nearman, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Carla “KC” Hanson released the following statement:

“This evening, the Oregon House of Representatives made an important and correct decision. In expelling Rep. Nearman, Oregon’s State Representatives stood up for the safety and well-being of all legislators, as well as legislative and Capitol staff.

“Nearman is now the first House member in Oregon history to be expelled, an appropriate response to his brazen and unconscionable actions on and before December 21, 2020, when he opened the door for armed, violent rioters to enter the Oregon Capitol building. His words and, more importantly, his actions proved that he is unfit to serve and cannot be trusted with the duties and responsibilities of a member of the Oregon Legislature.

“This historic action was only possible because House Democratic leadership moved with clarity and purpose. We also appreciate the members of the Republican caucus who joined Democrats to hold Nearman accountable for his actions by voting to expel.”