DPO Caucuses

Stonewall (LGBTQ) Caucus

Do you believe in full equality for all Oregonians?

So do we. But we can’t make it a reality without your help.

Whether it’s same-sex marriage, employment rights for LGBT workers, or civil liberties, Oregon’s Stonewall Democrats work every day with decision-makers to ensure fair representation of LGBT Oregonians. Come join us in this important work! We need folks from all over the State who are willing to make calls, write letters and even meet with your State Representatives.

The day to day work of our organization is accomplished primarily through the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of five officers elected at our annual meetings, along with the immediate past president, standing committee chairs, and elected representatives from recognized county and district level LGBT Democratic organizations.

The Stonewall Caucus Executive Board:

Chair: Karen Rippberger (she/they/he)
Vice Chair: Thomas Hiura (he/him/his)
Recording Secretary: Thomas Wrisley (they/them, he/him)
Communications Secretary: Dakota Boulette (he/him)
Treasurer: Rebecca Bradvika (she/her)

We actively seek to coordinate our activity with county and district LGBT Democratic party organizations, and to help such organizations grow where they don’t yet exist.

Join the Stonewall Caucus!