DPO Caucuses

Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus

The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon represents and advocates for the interests of the diverse AAPI communities throughout Oregon. It seeks to increase AAPI participation in all levels of government.

Amongst its goals, the Caucus seeks to:

  • Represent and build common interests and communications among the various AAPI communities
  • Ensure the AAPI community has equal access to education, social services, health and other government programs and services
  • Increase AAPI participation and representation in all levels of government; including statewide appointments and statewide elected officials
  • Ensure legislation before the Oregon Legislature and US congress and regulatory agencies reflect the needs and concerns of the AAPI community
  • Promote greater civic participation and empowerment of AAPIs in various levels of government
  • Strengthen protection against hate crimes and defend the civil rights and liberties of AAPIs
  • Fight racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of AAPIs in the media

Click here to read the AAPI Caucus Bylaws


Chair: Chrissy Erguiza
Vice-Chair: D’Marco Quinene
Secretary: Thomas Karwaki
Treasurer: Kien Truong
State Central Committee Delegates: Chrissy Erguiza, Hiral Pandya, Kien Truong
State Central Committee Alternate Delegates: Thuy Tran, Thomas Karwaki

For more information on the Democratic Party of Oregon’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus, please contact AAPI Caucus Chair Chrissy Erguiza at aapi_caucus@dpo.org.

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