In Oregon, voting is easy. Everyone who is registered will receive a ballot in the mail. You can vote by mail or drop it off in person at your local county elections office, or at an official drop site such as your local library. Find a full list of official drop sites here.

In Oregon, checking your voter registration and tracking your ballot is easy. The Oregon Secretary of State’s “My Vote” website tells you if you are registered and when your ballot is received at your local elections office.

Just like every year, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your vote is counted in Oregon. The most important thing to do is make a plan:

Here are some frequently asked questions about voting in Oregon:


Q. Can I still register to vote for the November Election?

The registration deadline for the November General Election was October 18th, 2022. 

Q. I'm concerned about my ability to cast my vote and my county elections office hasn't been able to help me. What should I do?

Contact our Election Protection Hotline at 503-239-8683 (503-239-VOTE) or 877-239-VOTE and we’ll get you help. You can also email [email protected]. 

Q. Where’s my ballot/voters’ pamphlet?

Use the Secretary of State’s My Vote tool to see when your ballot will be mailed, and if your voted ballot has been received by the county elections office.

Voters’ Pamphlets are mailed separately to every household in Oregon. If you do not receive one, they are available at your county elections office, and online from the Secretary of State’s website. The Secretary of State’s online version will NOT include information on local candidates, or on local issue campaigns.

You can also find a list of all the registered Democrats on your ballot at

How do I know who the Democratic candidates are on my ballot in local and state races?

You can find a list of all the registered Democrats on your ballot at

Q. Where do I find a Ballot Drop Box?

Use the Democratic Party of Oregon’s digital slate card tool to find the your closest official ballot dropbox, or go to

Q. How does Vote by Mail in Oregon work?

Getting your ballot –In Oregon, we have 20 years of experience with voting by mail. It’s easy and efficient. If you are registered to vote, you will get your ballot roughly three weeks before Election Day, giving you plenty of time to research issues or candidates and return ballots on time. But given all the concerns connected to COVID-19, we encourage you to complete and return your ballot as soon as possible.

Returning your ballot – Your voting packet will include a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope to return your completed ballot. After the Friday before an election, voters should return their the ballot to an official drop box site or county elections office to ensure it is counted.

Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day.​​​

Q. How can I make sure my ballot was received?

Any Oregon voter can go to to check the status of their ballot. Voters in Multnomah, Marion, and Yamhill Counties can sign up to receive alerts when their ballots are mailed and received for processing.

Q. How can I get a replacement ballot?

If your ballot arrives damaged, you make a mistake, spill something, lose your ballot, or for any other reason, contact your county elections office for a replacement ballot.

Q. Where can I get help on voting with disabilities?

Visit the Secretary of State’s accessibility information​ page or Disability Rights Oregon to learn where to get your accessible ballot and get tips for how to use it.

Q. Where can I find voting information in languages other than English?

The My Vote page on the Oregon Secretary of State website is viewable in the following languages: English, Español Spanish, 中文 Chinese, Tiếng Việt Vietnamese, Soomaali Somali, and русский Russian. County elections offices may have more local voting information translated in these languages and/or others. 

Q. How can I get an absentee ballot?

Every registered voter receives a ballot roughly three weeks before Election Day. There is no need to request a ballot. You can confirm that you’re registered at the correct address here

If you are a student attending an out-of-state college or you will be traveling for an extended period of time, you can request an “absentee” ballot. You just need to fill out this form and return it to your county elections office.​​​

Q. Can out of state college students vote in Oregon elections?

Out-of-state students have the constitutional right to vote in Oregon if they are here during the election, and it will not have an effect on their academic standing (as an out-of-state vs. in-state student).

Q. Can I pick up and drop off a ballot for a friend?

Yes, but that ballot must be turned in within 48 hours. In fact, we recommend taking ballots to an official ballot drop box as soon as possible and not leaving them in your car or home overnight. 

Returning a ballot for another person is a serious responsibility. Make sure that any ballots you return on behalf of another voter are turned in via U.S. Mail, at an official ballot drop box, or a County Elections office within 48 hours.  (ORS 254.470)

Q. How does COVID-19 change voting?

Voters visiting their county elections offices should follow all public health guidance, including mask-wearing and social distancing. Call ahead if you have questions or concerns. 

If you are using an official ballot drop box and concerned about COVID-19 transmission, the Oregon Health Authority has made this one-pager with useful information.

Q. What is the difference between my registration address and my mailing address?

Your registration address determines what races appear on your ballot. Even if you have lost your home or are not currently living in your home, you may use this address to register. Your mailing address is where your ballot will be sent. If you cannot collect mail at your residence, you can use a different mailing address.  

Q. If I fill out a change of address form, will the Post Office forward my ballot to the new address?

No. The USPS cannot forward ballots. That is why it is important to update your voter registration with an updated mailing address or contact your county elections office for assistance.

Q. What if I forget to change my mailing address after the voter registration deadline?

Contact your county clerk. They may be able to hold your ballot for you at their offices. You can also vote in person at any county elections office by using a provisional ballot. 

Q. Can I vote in person?

Yes. Once ballots are sent, all County Elections Offices are required to accommodate voting in-person at their offices.