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Our party’s success depends in large part on Democrats spreading our message far and wide.

If your group has a communications officer, make sure they have contacted the DPO’s communications staff so they can be included on messaging emails and receive timely social media content. Party chairs and vice chairs are also welcome to be on the DPO Communications List, at their request.

County Party and Caucus Websites

The Democratic Party of Oregon offers website hosting services to County Parties and Caucuses, as well as support for County Parties and Caucuses to use bulk email services through VAN, and set up donation forms through NGP. While in the past the DPO has assisted with constructing websites through the Drupal platform, we now strongly encourage that County Parties and Caucuses build their own websites using user-friendly platforms like Squarespace or WordPress, and work with the DPO to connect it with the appropriate website domain. For assistance in setting up or updating your County Party’s or Caucus’ website, contact the DPO’s Digital staff.

Media Requests

Your county may occasionally be asked for comment on any number of political issues. While you are often the best authority on issues of local concern, the DPO can provide messaging and advice on questions about the regional, state, or national political climate. The DPO can also respond directly to media questions, if requested by a county chapter. Whatever the circumstances, it is helpful for counties to alert the DPO when they receive press inquiries. Understanding what is newsworthy around the state helps the DPO better promote party priorities and programs.

Talking Points, etc.

The Democratic Party of Oregon proactively sends out talking points and messaging materials to help our party leaders and candidates communicate our message effectively. Communications staff is also available to help counties with special requests — from help submitting opinion pieces to your local paper, to research on specific issues or elected officials, to media coaching and practice interviews. If you would like talking points on a particular subject, please contact the DPO as we often can help you locate the appropriate materials either internally or through a partner organization.

Social Media

Being active on social media can substantially increase your local organization’s overall presence in the area. You can set up your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for free. Local organizations are encouraged to follow the DPO’s social media accounts (see below) and repost / retweet our material. More often than not, we’re happy to do the same with content that your local group is posting.

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