3rd Quarter 2022

State Central Committee Weekend

August 20th and 21st, 2022

Eugene, Oregon

You can find the agenda and logistics information below by clicking the appropriate buttons.

If you require an accommodation [accessibility or otherwise] please contact [email protected] at least 14 days prior to the event.

Weekend Agenda & Logistics Information

Subject to change
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Saturday, August 20th

Saturday, August 20th, 2022

Churchill High School – 1850 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
Time Activity

Leadership Meetings

County Chairs and Vice Chairs Meeting
Caucus Leaders Meeting
2:00pm-4:30pm  Trainings
Willamalane Adult Activity Center- 215 W C St, Springfield, OR 97477
Time Activity
6:30pm Joint DPO/Lane County Democrats Fundraising Dinner

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Sunday, August 21st

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Churchill High School – 1850 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
Time Activity

Standing Committee Meetings

Platform and Resolutions Committee
Local Events and State Fair Committee
10am- 11am

Congressional District Committee Meetings 

CD 2 Committee Meeting
CD 4 Committee Meeting
CD 5 Committee Meeting 
11am- 12pm

Caucus Meetings 

Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus
Rural Caucus

Young Democrats Caucus

Stonewall Caucus
Native American Caucus

Caucus Meetings

Gun Owner’s Caucus
Environmental Caucus
Veterans Caucus
Disability Justice Caucus
Latino Caucus
12:00pm Credentialing Opens

Lunch Service Begins

Business Meeting Agenda 

Travel and Lodging/Travel Grant

Hotel Options:

There are numerous hotel options in Eugene and the surrounding community. You can go here to see a list of hotels with negotiated pricing.

Please pay attention to the distance from the High School when booking. These hotels are not endorsed by the DPO, and have not been vetted, so be sure to read reviews, etc before booking.

Travel Grant:

In the 2022-2023 Budget, the DPO allocated $4750 in funds to help assist with travel to and from our Quarterly SCC Meetings to lighten the burden on SCC members with need. This need-based grant is awarded on financial and distance basis.

Members interested in receiving a grant for the 3rd Quarter 2022 SCC Meeting should apply by no later than August 15th.


COVID-19 Planning

Regarding COVID Safety:

  • We strongly urge all SCC members to make sure you are fully vaccinated & boosted for COVID-19 before our meeting. We ask delegation chairs to work with your Delegation to ensure members are vaccinated and to coordinate alternates for delegates who are unable to attend as per your County or Caucus Bylaws.
  • Consider taking a COVID rapid test before you leave home if you have one available. If you receive a positive Covid test, or if you have any cold- like symptoms (such as cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, congestion, etc) please do not attend and notify your delegation chair immediately.
    • Guests who plan to attend the fundraising dinner (where masks obviously must be removed for eating and drinking) will be required to take a COVID test. We encourage you to take a rapid test before you leave home and send a picture to [email protected], but if you do  not we will have tests onsite.
  • All participants will be required to wear KN95 or better masks at all times during the SCC weekend unless actively eating or drinking in a designated area. We encourage you to plan accordingly as we’ll ask you to step outside for snacks, drinks, etc throughout the weekend. 
  • Meeting Access:
    • The SCC Business Meeting will be open to all SCC members. Non-members will be able to view the meeting via a listen/view only livestream. All in attendance must remain masked with KN95 (or better) masks throughout the meeting or will be asked to leave.
    • Other meetings and trainings happening throughout the weekend will only be open to those who are able to show proof of vaccination. Please submit your proof of vaccination in advance to [email protected] to make your check-in process smoother.