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Resolution 2021-10: Concerning Representative Kurt Schrader’s Lack of Support for the Platform of both the State and National Democratic Parties Regarding Medicare Negotiating Prescription Drug Prices

Approved: 10/8/2021


WHEREAS, the 2020 platform of the Democratic National Committee states that “We will not rest until every American can access quality health care and affordable prescription drugs,” that “We will tackle entrenched racial disparities in health care, reduce prescription drug prices by standing up to big pharmaceutical companies,” and more particularly that “Democrats will take aggressive action to ensure that Americans do not pay more for prescription drugs than people in other advanced economies, and ensure that all necessary medications are covered. We will empower Medicare to at last be able to negotiate prescription drug prices for all public and private purchasers—for families and businesses, as well as older Americans—no matter where they get their coverage”; and

WHEREAS, the platform of the Democratic Party of Oregon states that “We support authorizing state and federal governments to negotiate drug prices with transparency”; and.

WHEREAS, The House passed H. Res. 601 on August 24, 2021 with the support of every single House Democrat and no House Republicans whatsoever. H. Res. 601 adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution 14 (S. Con. Res 14), which was accompanied by Committee Print to accompany S. Con. Res. 14 (committee policy instructions for the Senate). These committee policy instructions included the following for the Senate Finance Committee “The FY 2022 budget resolution will provide the Finance Committee with an instruction that allows for … Hundreds of billions in additional savings by lowering the price of prescription drugs”; and

WHEREAS, in House Energy and Commerce committee proceedings, Rep. Kurt Schrader voted against keeping a provision allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, voting with every single Republican on the committee and against the wishes of 29 of the 32 Democrats on the committee; and

WHEREAS, polling finds that nearly all Americans support Medicare negotiating prescription drug prices (86%). Support is even higher in Kurt Schrader’s district – at 91%.


Section 1: We urge Rep. Schrader to get on board with the wishes of an overwhelming majority of his constituents and with the values of the Democratic Party and support empowering Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices for all public and private purchasers.

Submitted by: Lisa Stiller, Health Care Caucus and CD 1 Chair, Valdez Bravo, Health Care Caucus and Genny Lynch, Linn County.

Resolution submitted by Lisa Stiller, CD 1, Travis Nelson, Democratic National Committee Member; Valdez Bravo, Healthcare Caucus,  Michael Smith, Gun Owners Caucus; Genny Lynch, Linn County

ADOPTED by the Democratic Party of Oregon on October 8th, 2021.

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