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Resolution 2020-012: Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Approved: 10/3/2020


Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

WHEREASRuth Bader Ginsburg broke barriers as a law student, law clerk, and in the practice of law; and

WHEREASshe excelled as a law student, law clerk, and lawyer while bearing and raising children, demonstrating that intellect was neither the sole province of men or of childless women; and

WHEREASshe became a law professor at two different law schools, and was the first woman who gained tenure at Columbia School of Law; and

WHEREASshe founded the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, where she argued six cases of sex discrimination, winning 5 of them and establishing the Constitutional principle that the Equal Protection Clause prevented the federal and state governments from treating women and men differently under the law; and

WHEREASRuth Bader Ginsburg worked her entire career to eliminate gender-based discrimination, including discrimination against men in the 1975 landmark decision on Weinberger vs. Wiesenfeld; and developed legal texts that are used today to understand discrimination by gender; and

WHEREASRuth Bader Ginsburg fought to protect rights of all people, including the LGBTQ+ Community; and

WHEREASRuth Bader Ginsburg served valiantly on the U.S. Court of Appeals and then the US Supreme Court from 1980 until her death; and

WHEREASduring her tenure on the Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg raised the standard for articulating dissenting opinions, so that her dissents became lessons in the law for her colleagues and continue to provide guidance for future lawyers on critical issues of individual rights.


Section 1. We honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lifetime of service.

Section 2. We dedicate the remaining election cycle to elect Democratic candidates who support Justice Ginsburg’s fight against discrimination and demonstrate their commitment to see her final wish made concrete – that the President elected in just 40 days from today appoint her successor.

Submitted by Tanya Shively, Democratic National Committee Member and Jeanne Atkins, former Oregon Secretary of State and former Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon

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