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Resolution 2020-007: Regarding Climate-Smart Economic Recovery

Approved: 6/27/2020


Regarding Climate-Smart Economic Recovery

WHEREAS, scientists advise that a minimum of 7.6% per year reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the next ten years is needed to avoid catastrophic climate-induced impactslosses to infrastructure, property, agriculture, human health and life, due to  droughts, wildfire, flooding, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise; and

WHEREAS, the climate emergency can hinder economic recovery due to already occurring impacts such as fires, flooding, and sea-level rise if not addressed concurrently to economic rebuilding from the impacts of COVID-19; and

WHEREASOregon state and local governments have lost revenue due to the reduced economic activity during the Pandemic and are considering investments that assist in the economic recovery; and

WHEREASDPO Resolution 2019-007 in support of Green New Deal principles includes climate-smart investments in infrastructure and labor which ensures a just transition off fossil fuels; and

WHEREASDPO Resolution 2019-003 supports modernization of Forest Practices to address climate change and provide climate-smart jobs advancing selective logging in mixed forests that sequester carbon, protects watersheds and ends clearcutting; and

WHEREAS, Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04 (March 10, 2020) directs a majority of state agencies to prioritize and expedite investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the building of climate resilience while ensuring environmental justice; and

WHEREAS, several states (e.g., Connecticut, New York, California, Montgomery County, Maryland) and at least one local government have laws, policies and programs that support financing and investments in clean energy growth, including a Green Bank; and

WHEREASgovernment investment in projects and programs that fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or do not simultaneously address climate-induced impacts will mean massive economic damages in the near future; and

WHEREASelected representatives and government officials have a moral, scientific, and economic responsibility to all of us to reduce the worst impacts of both public health emergencies and climate change while specifically protecting vulnerable populations which include minorities, women, children, the aged, and people with underlying medical conditions;


Section 1. We call on all government officials and elected representatives to prioritize equitable and climate-smart investments of COVID-19 and other economic recovery funds in addition to supporting the immediate health and human needs of Oregonians.  

Section 2. We request COVID funds be directed to climate-smart sustainable infrastructure and family-wage labor-intensive resiliency strategies.

Section 3. We call on all government officials and elected representatives to support COVID-19 equitable and climate-smart recovery activities to create long-term, well-paying jobs that recognize union elections and establish union contracts.

Section 4. We call on all elected representatives and government officials to support the creation of Green Banks in Oregon at the state and local levels that prioritize investment in climate-friendly energy and resilience and climate-friendly strategies.

Section 5.  We call on all government officials and elected representatives to expedite and prioritize the climate-smart investments, planning, programs, and projects as embodied in Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04 (March 10, 2020) to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate-induced damages and the threats of damages.

Resolution Submitted by Catherine Thomasson, Multnomah County and Helen Kennedy, Women’s Caucus


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