Party Resolutions

Resolution 2017-002: In Support of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Sponsored by: Gerritt Rosenthal & Larry Taylor Approved: 03/26/2017


WHEREAS on five occasions the winner of the national popular vote for President of the United States did not become President, notably in 2016 and twice since 2000; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College violates the democratic principle of “one person, one vote,” giving unequal power to voters in different states such that it takes 3.2 times as many votes in California, the most populous state, to elect an elector as it does in Wyoming, the least populous state; and

WHEREAS shifting demographics make such mismatches between the popular vote and the electoral vote likely to happen with increasing frequency in the future; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College results in “wasted” votes since any votes cast in excess of a simple majority in a state add nothing to the outcome and are therefore “wasted”; and

WHEREAS this effect is most profound in states that lean strongly toward one candidate; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College process creates “swing states,” in which small differences voter preference can determine the election outcome for the entire country; and

WHEREAS due to their lopsided importance, swing states receive disproportionate numbers of candidate visits and vastly more campaign spending; and

WHEREAS because swing states are identified years in advance, political operatives have clear guidance on where to concentrate voter suppression efforts, voting machine hacking, and other types of voter fraud; and

WHEREAS the Electoral College heightens a “red state/blue state” mentality, reinforcing an “us versus them” attitude and deepening perceived political divides; and

WHEREAS a majority of Americans support the idea that the winner of the national popular vote should be President (3); and

WHEREAS the Electoral College, as established in the US Constitution (2) would be difficult to repeal and replace with a popular national vote because a Constitutional Amendment requires ratification by ¾ of the state legislatures; and

WHEREAS an alternative that produces the same result is desirable:

THEREFORE, We, the Democratic Party of Oregon Resolve as Follows:

1. We urge the Oregon State Legislature to sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which assigns all of the state’s electors to the winner of the national popular vote. (Note: This law/compact will take effect when it has been adopted by states sufficient to guarantee an electoral vote majority [currently 270 votes]).

2. We authorize submittal of this resolution for consideration by the Democratic Party of Oregon during its March, 2017 Central Committee meeting requesting action by the Oregon legislature during the 2017 session.

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