Party Resolutions

Resolution 2015-074: Supporting Passage of a Transportation Package by the Oregon Legislature

Sponsored by: Donna Nyberg and the Labor Caucus of the DPO Approved: 11/22/2015


WHEREAS, Oregon’s infrastructure funding is heavily reliant on investments from the Federal Highway Trust Fund, which is made up of gas tax revenue; and

WHEREAS, a combination of more fuel-efficient cars, a reduction in driving, and declining user fee revenue, overall transportation dollars have lagged behind demand and the Federal Highway Trust Fund is quickly facing insolvency; and

WHEREAS, Oregon receives over half a billion dollars in federal surface transportation funding each year; and

WHEREAS, ODOT’s State Highway Fund resources are generally fully dedicated to debt service, highway maintenance, and agency operations, federal highway funds are the only source of funding for new construction projects; and

WHEREAS, ODOT has already delayed implementation of the next Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and will not be able to plan future infrastructure investments due to funding uncertainty; and

WHEREAS, conditions on Oregon’s transportation system are deteriorating, as the need for transportation improvements far outpaces the amount of state and federal funding available; and

WHEREAS, enhancing critical transportation assets will boost the economy in the short-term by creating jobs in construction and related fields; and

WHEREAS, today, nearly 5,000 Oregon companies export their products and services abroad and one-quarter of Oregon’s manufacturing jobs are export-dependent, and international trade has been the cornerstone of Oregon’s economy, and today products from all corners of the state are part of the global marketplace; and

WHEREAS, transportation improvements will enhance economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life for the state’s residents and visitors by reducing travel delays and transportation costs, improving access and mobility, improving safety, and stimulating sustained job growth; and

WHEREAS, roadway improvements save lives, reduce traffic crashes, and decreased highway congestion saves motorists billions of dollars in wasted time and fuel costs; and

WHEREAS, driving on roads in need of repair costs Oregon motorists $655 million a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $236 per motorists; and

WHEREAS, the Oregon Transportation Forum, a broad based group of stakeholders interested in a balanced transportation system submitted a well-rounded proposal to the 2015 Oregon Legislature, which the body failed to act upon; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of Oregon urges legislative approval of a transportation infrastructure financing plan as soon as possible based on the proposal brought forth to the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session by the Oregon Transportation Forum.

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