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Resolution 2013-058: Opposing Eminent Domain for the Proposed Veresen/Williams Pacific Connector Pipeline from Malin to Coos Bay

Sponsored by: Dean Byers, Douglas County Democratic Party Chairman Approved: 12/08/2013


Whereas the Pacific Connector Pipeline Gas Pipeline Project (Pacific Connector Pipeline) has applied for approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct a 36″ pipeline across southern Oregon from Malin to Coos Bay for delivery of domestic natural gas to the proposed Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export facility at Coos Bay: and

Whereas the owner of the natural gas that will travel through this pipeline is Veresen Energy, a Canadian Company, currently selling stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange; and

Whereas the company proposing to build and own the pipeline is Williams Pipeline Co. of Tulsa, OK; and

Whereas the mitigation costs of damage to salmon-bearing streams and costs that may be incurred by first responders in preparation for potential accidents or natural disasters are unknown; and

Whereas the application to FERC requests that the right of Eminent Domain be granted to Veresen Energy and Williams Pipeline, for-profit private enterprises, to take easements from private property owners in exchange for onetime payments; and

Whereas Ballot Measure 39 (2006), prohibiting a public entity from condemning private real property if the intent is to transfer said property to a private party, was approved by 79% of Douglas County voters and by 67% of the popular vote from all Oregon voters:

Therefore, be it resolved that the Democratic Party of Oregon:

  1. Demands that FERC deny Veresen Energy and Williams Pipeline the use of Eminent Domain to secure properties from landowners along the Pacific Connector corridor.
  2. Urges all elected officials at all levels of government go on record opposing the use of Eminent Domain for purposes of the proposed pipeline.


Submitted by Dean Byers, Douglas County Democratic Party Chairman, August 4, 2013. Reviewed and modified, DPO Platform Committee, November 16, 2013. and December 8, 2013. Passed: DPO Central Committee, December 8, 2013.

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