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Resolution 2011-048: On Oregon Integrated Pest Management

Sponsored by: Gerry Rempel Approved: 03/06/2011


Whereas, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems.  IPM programs, as defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency, use biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, educational, and chemical methods in site-specific combinations to solve the pest problem, and

Whereas, the goal of IPM is to prioritize pest control options which represent the least risk of damage to the environment, non-target species, and humans.Chemical controls are used only when needed, and in the least-toxic formulation that is effective, and

Whereas, the USDA National Roadmap for IPM has concluded that “Expanding IPM programs … would reduce human health risks posed by pests and the tactics used to manage them, and also reduce or mitigate the adverse environmental effects of pest management practices,” and

Whereas, the US EPA has reported,IPM, when viewed by traditional economics, often results in lower costs than conventional pest management, and

Whereas, the U.S. General Services Administration has determined that IPM can be “pragmatic, economical and effective on a massive scale,” and

Whereas, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has concluded that the most effective way to reduce pollution is through prevention that targets chemical pollutants at the source, recognizing that prevention measures are less expensive and more effective, efficient and reliable than treating, recycling or cleaning up pollutants after use, and

Whereas, the State of Oregon, as a part of Oregon’s early legislative efforts to realize statewide toxics use reduction, approved ORS 634.650 in 1991 requiring state agencies to implement IPM procedures for public facilities, and designate an Integrated Pest Management Coordinator to manage the integrated pest management program of the agencies, and

Whereas, the passage of HB 2181 in 2001 eliminated fund allocations pertaining to IPM and the Interagency IPM Committee and eliminated the state IPM Coordinator,


We call upon the 2011 Oregon State Legislature to establish a state goal of reducing pesticides on public properties to protect humans, natural resources, land, water, air and wildlife.

We call upon the 2011 Oregon State Legislature to strengthen the Oregon Integrated Pest Management requirement (ORS 634.650), in order to update its definition to reflect current medical and scientific research, and align the older State IPM Statute with the objectives and requirements of Oregon’s School IPM law (ORS 634.700) passed in 2009.

We call upon the 2011 Oregon State Legislature to reinstate the funding for the IPM Coordinator and the Interagency IPM Committee.

Recommended by unanimous vote to Pass by PRC – February 2011.

ADOPTED by the Democratic Party of Oregon on the 6th day of March 2011.

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