Party Resolutions

Resolution 2007-038: Congratulating Al Gore

Sponsored by: Douglas County Democratic Party Approved: 11/15/2007


WHEREAS, the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee has awarded the 2007 prize to Vice President Al Gore and by doing so has specifically expanded the traditional interpretation of peace making and disarmament efforts that have been the criteria for this prize by making clear the relationship between climate catastrophe and social disruption, and WHEREAS, Al Gore has historically been environmentally conscious and as a Congressman from Tennessee strongly criticized the Reagan administration for ignoring the effects of greenhouse gases and continued his efforts to raise awareness as a Senator and vice President, and WHEREAS, Vice President Gore’s highly impressive and provocative film on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth”, has won an Academy Award and continues to inspire and motivate national and community leaders to hear the alarm bell on global warming and to take action to curtail it, and WHEREAS, the President of the United States does not understand the urgency posed by the environmental crisis and its devastating impact on humanity and has deliberately ignored overwhelming scientific evidence of human causes of global warming by altering scientific reports and silencing critics of his policies, and WHEREAS, Oregonians in general and Democrats in particular have been environmentally conscious for a long time and have done much of the pioneering work in this field, most recently under the leadership of Governor Ted Kulongoski. NOW, THEREFORE, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF OREGON RESOLVES AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. We congratulate Vice President Gore for having won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for effectively spreading awareness of man-made climate changes and of the urgency to take action as individuals and as a nation to curtail greenhouse emissions. Section 2. We re-dedicate ourselves by standing unwaveringly with former Vice President Gore to do our part to bring the environmental crisis under control and to cultivate a healthy and happy future for our people and for all humanity. Adopted by the Douglas County Democratic Party on November 15, 2007 and submitted by Sara Byers, 4th C.D. Delegate to the PRC.