3rd Congressional District

Oregon’s Third Congressional District is comprised of parts of Clackamas and Multnomah Counties.


The purpose of this Committee shall be to coordinate efforts of Democrats in the Third Congressional District and to strengthen the Democratic Party with emphasis on the office of United States Representative for this District.


If you would like more information about the organization, please send a short message to our chair at [email protected].

CD3 Officers

Chair: Kate Flanagan
Vice Chair: Leigha LaFleur
Secretary: Kyle Huth

DPO Standing Committees

Executive Committee:

Kavan Bahrami

Budget Committee:

Marcia Schneider
Jack Hanna
Bryan Williams Lewis, Alternate

Credentials Committee:

Shirley Minor
Kavan Bahrami
Bing Wong, Alternate

Platform and Resolutions Committee:

Peter Nordbye
Shani Harris Bagwell
Spencer Trumm
Sucheta Bal
Ami Fox
Gary Lietke, 1st Alternate
Mary Schutten, 2nd Alternate

Rules Committee:

Quinton Blanton
Michael Smith
Sara Wolk
Graham Parks, 1st Alternate
John Knight, 2nd Alternate

Local Events and State Fair Committee:

Layla Assem
Mike Gardner
Henry Exerjian
Adam Weiner
Robin Stevens
Kathleen Turner, 1st Alternate
Rachelle Dixon, 2nd Alternate

District Map

3rd Congressional District Representative

Representative Earl Blumenauer

3rd Congressional District County Parties

Clackamas County
Multnomah County

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