1st Congressional District

Oregon’s First Congressional District is comprised of Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Yamhill and parts of Multnomah Counties.


The purpose of this Committee shall be to coordinate efforts of Democrats in the First Congressional District and to strengthen the Democratic Party with emphasis on the office of United States Representative for this District.


If you would like more information about the organization, please send a short message to our chair at [email protected].

CD1 Officers

Chair: Lisa Stiller
Vice Chair: Carl Fisher
Secretary: Sushmita Poddar

DPO Standing Committees

Executive Committee:

Lisa Stiller

Budget Committee:

Veronica Williams
Patrick Maguire
Merridy McDaniel, Alternate

Credentials Committee:

Amelia Manlove
Bridget Brooks
Connie Chen, Alternate

Platform and Resolutions Committee:

Gerritt Rosenthal
Will Hobbs
Lisa Stiller
Joe Whittington
Rose Etta Venetucci
Greg Pettit, 1st Alternate
Andy Davis, 2nd Alternate

Rules Committee:

Garrett Fleenor
Cindy Smith
Larry Taylor
Aaron Martin, 1st Alternate
Donna Nyberg, 2nd Alternate

Local Events and State Fair Committee:

Andrew Stiffler
Chrissy Erguiza
Victoria Long
Gene Brown
Raman Velji
Sushmita Poddar, 1st Alternate
VACANT, 2nd Alternate

CD1CC Standing Committees


Jeremy Likens
Garrett Fleenor
Alex Clemens


Tara Patterson, Chair
Catherine Condron
Adam Gretsinger


Click here to view the CD1 bylaws.

Special Rules of Order

Click here to view the Special Rules of Order for CD1.

District Map

1st Congressional District Representative

Representative Suzanne Bonamici

1st Congressional District County Parties

Clatsop County
Columbia County
Multnomah County
Washington County
Yamhill County

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