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Knute Buehler Must Return Dirty, Trump Money

Oct 09, 2018

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October 9, 2018

Knute Buehler Must Return Dirty, Trump Money
Buehler’s campaign cash shows that he’s siding with the Trump Administration, jeopardizing Oregon’s natural resources & undermining affordable housing

The day of the final debate in Oregon’s gubernatorial contest, Republican Knute Buehler continues to attempt to cover up his real record of siding with the Trump administration, jeopardizing Oregon’s natural resources, and undermining affordable housing. But the campaign checks that are funding his misleading campaign ads tell the real story.

The Democratic Party of Oregon is calling on Knute Buehler to return all the dirty Trump money his campaign has received:

  • Knute Buehler has accepted nearly a million dollars in Trump-tainted cash from the RGA, a group for which President Trump recently fundraised. On October 1, Buehler accepted an additional $175,000 from them, in addition to the $750,000 he took from them last month — the same week President Trump hosted an RGA fundraiser at his New Jersey golf club.
  • Buehler also accepted a $40,000 in-kind contribution from a notorious real estate developer who evicted tenants who complained of substandard conditions at his Titan Manor apartment complex. This same developer, Sean Keys, owes the IRS and the state of Oregon hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Last week, the Oregonian reported that Knute Buehler has taken more than $850,000 from corporate polluters.

“As they say, follow the money. And in Knute Buehler’s case, the money he has taken leads straight to the abysmal record he has spent his campaign trying to cover up: his failure to stand up to the Trump Administration, his votes that jeopardized Oregon’s environment and natural resources, and his history of undermining affordable housing for Oregon families,” said Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Jeanne Atkins. “Buehler must return these contributions at once or be exposed yet again for the craven fraud he truly is.”

These contributions only account for the money Buehler himself has accepted for his campaign. He has also benefited from the shady dark money group Priority Oregon who has spent millions attacking and distorting Governor Brown’s record and is not required to disclose its donors.