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ICYMI: It’s been a bad week for Knute Buehler

Sep 22, 2018

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September 22, 2018

ICYMI: It’s been a bad week for Knute Buehler

PORTLAND — Is Knute Buehler telling anti-abortion voters one thing and telling the rest of Oregon another thing? It sure looks like it…

From News Lincoln County: Planned Parenthood levies charges against Gov Candidate Knute Buehler

"According to Planned Parenthood of Oregon, Republican governor candidate Knute Buehler told anti-abortion supporters he would ban 80 percent of abortions statewide, according to new audio released by Lane County Republican Senate candidate Scott Rohter."

Pressure is also mounting for Buehler to finally speak out against flawed U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

On Thursday, Governor Kate Brown continued her advocacy on behalf of Oregonian women by speaking out against Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Meanwhile, Buehler has failed to say anything about the allegations against Kavanaugh or the threat his nomination poses to women across the country.

Associated Press: Oregon Democrats Blast US Supreme Court Nominee at Rally

The Oregonian: Oregon Congressional Democrats rally against Kavanaugh

KXL: Oregon Delegation Comments On Kavanaugh

KATU: Oregon Democrats blast US Supreme Court nominee at rally

And Buehler’s ties to dark money corporate interests are showing…

From Willamette WeekWho is Paying For the Attack Ads on Gov. Kate Brown?

"Many Salem insiders believe timber companies, which reliably support GOP causes and oppose Brown's environmental agenda, are key Priority donors. There's no proof of that, however. Trade associations, including homebuilders, truckers and hospitality providers, have made small contributions ($5,000 to $15,000) through their political action committees. PACs must disclose their activity in state filings, so those contributions are visible while contributions corporations and individuals make directly are not."