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What does Knute Buehler really stand for? Four questions the GOP candidate must finally answer

Sep 13, 2018

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September 13, 2018

What does Knute Buehler really stand for? Four questions the GOP candidate must finally answer 
Buehler can’t defend his alignment with a known hate group, or his votes to take health care away from children and seniors, or his pro-polluter record

PORTLAND — Ballots will be in Oregonians’ mailboxes in 34 days, and yet Knute Buehler has said next to nothing about his alignment with a known hate group, his votes to take away health care from children and seniors, or his track record of siding with — and taking huge campaign donations from — major polluters.

Voters deserve answers. Here are four questions Knute Buehler needs to answer about his reckless agenda for Oregon:

  1. You were endorsed by a known hate group (OFIR) in 2012. During two terms in the legislature, you sided with that hate group on every vote they cared about. You also gave $1,500 to the hate group’s vice-president. Since these ties have come to light, you have backpedaled and implied in comments to the Willamette Week that you don’t support OFIROnce and for all — do you agree that OFIR is a hate group, and will you finally disavow them and their work in Oregon?

  1. You voted to take health care away from more than 80,000 Oregon kids and hundreds of thousands of families, including seniors and people with disabilities. Now you say you support Medicaid funding.Why did you vote against Oregon’s Medicaid expansion and why should voters believe your latest claim?

  1. You voted against protecting a woman’s right to safe, legal abortionOn talk radio you said you oppose public funding for abortion. You bragged about your record of voting against Gov. Kate Brown’s efforts to expand access to abortionWhy would anyone believe that you weren’t set on limiting access to abortion in Oregon?

  1. You got an F from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, while receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from pollutersWhy should voters trust you when you have a record of siding with the big corporations who fund your campaign, even when it endangers Oregon's land, water, and air?

"Knute Buehler has spent the entire general election using poll-tested language to masquerade as a moderate, but voters deserve to know that his record demonstrates the exact opposite,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Buehler can keep waffling and saying he’s different, but in reality he toes the line with Trump’s Republican Party when it comes to health care, the environment, and his refusal to stand up against hate. Oregonians simply can’t trust him to stand up for our values if he’s elected Governor.”