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What’s Buehler Hiding? DPO calls out Knute Buehler for dragging his feet on releasing public records

Jun 13, 2018

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June 13, 2018


What’s Buehler Hiding? DPO calls out Knute Buehler for dragging his feet on releasing public records


PORTLAND — Rep. Knute Buehler talks a big game about transparency, but when it comes to his business dealings, things get murky fast.
Today, the Democratic Party of Oregon is launching a new website highlighting Buehler’s resistance to  
In December of 2017, the DPO filed a records request of Rep. Knute Buehler’s office asking for all correspondence regarding the Oregon Health Plan and bills relating to what later became Measure 101 — which voters approved overwhelmingly despite Buehler’s opposition. Six months later, his office has still not followed through on that request. Furthermore, his office requested $3,876 to fulfill the request, which the DPO agreed to pay in January 2018.  
In subsequent months, the DPO has filed several other public records requests. 
On March 27th, the DPO filed a records request regarding a controversial project to build a bridge spanning the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. Buehler’s office came back with a $424.59 price tag, which the DPO agreed to. No records have been released. 
On May 29th, the DPO filed a records request with Knute Buehler’s legislative office for basic public records about his office’s dealings with big medical businesses that have given Buehler money in the past. The DPO has not yet received a cost or time estimate on this request. 
“Buehler’s office has the option to release the records quickly and affordably, but they’ve chosen to bide their time and put a large price tag as the cost of transparency,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “We’re still waiting for the records. But while we wait, we think the public should know about Buehler’s delay tactics. Oregon voters deserve to know what Knute is hiding.”
During his campaign for the Republican nomination, Buehler dodged debates and town halls while he raced to the right to try to eke out a win. His opponents tagged him as #NoShowKnute. His latest refusal to release public records demonstrate a disturbing trend of ducking tough questions. Visit for more information.  

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