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GOP Gubernatorial Debate tomorrow is final chance for candidates to come clean

May 10, 2018

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May 10, 2018


GOP Gubernatorial Debate tomorrow is final chance for candidates to come clean


PORTLAND — On the eve of the first and only GOP Gubernatorial nomination debate this primary season, Democrats are calling on Knute Buehler and Greg Wooldridge to come clean on their positions on accepting campaign help from President Trump, and whether they support access to safe, legal abortion.


“The DPO has been working hard to hold the three Republican gubernatorial hopefuls accountable to Oregon voters,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “We’ve heard loud and clear from Sam Carpenter about his ultra-conservative positions on choice and his steadfast support for President Trump. It’s time for Buehler and Wooldridge to speak up and make their positions known.”


Following recent news coverage that President Trump is "eager to return the campaign trail," the Democratic Party of Oregon asked the leading Republican gubernatorial candidates to make clear if they will accept help on the campaign trail from Trump if they emerge as their party’s nominee. Despite enthusiastic support from Carpenter, Wooldridge and Buehler kept quiet.


Then just this week, following news that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the strictest abortion law in the nation, Democrats called on the GOP gubernatorial frontrunners to answer if they would sign a similar bill if it came to their desk. Again, Carpenter made his intentions clear while Buehler and Wooldridge dodged the question.


“Tomorrow’s debate is likely the last and only opportunity for Oregonians to put these candidates on the spot and test their convictions,” said Atkins. “We will be listening closely. Oregon voters deserve answers.”