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DPO launches website to unseat Congressman Greg Walden

Mar 23, 2018


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DPO launches website to unseat Congressman Greg Walden
Cook Partisan Voting Index rates OR- 2 same as last week’s Democratic upset in PA-18

March 23, 2018

PORTLAND — The Democratic Party of Oregon launched a website today allowing individuals to donate directly to the winner of the May Democratic primary to take on Republican incumbent Greg Walden in Oregon’s Congressional District 2.

Clicking on will allow people to donate to a fund for whomever wins the Democratic primary. Oregon candidates have been lining up to take on Greg Walden, who has increasingly worked against the interest of his constituents and been a key player in the implemention of the Trump administration's agenda. 

“The political winds are shifting and Republicans like Greg Walden will face serious challenges to their reelection in November,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Just last week we saw Democrat Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania win a special Congressional election in a heavily gerrymandered district where Republicans held an 11-point registration advantage and Donald Trump won by 20 points. That’s the same Republican advantage as in Walden’s congressional district. His lack of interest in doing right by his constituents has exposed him to considerable risk.”

Seven Democratic candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to run against Greg Walden in the general election. In a year already full of surging backlash against establishment Republicans, Walden has emerged as a key target. As a long-standing member of the House GOP leadership, Walden:

  • Chaired the House Committee that voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
  • Supported repealing Net Neutrality in order to benefit big telecom companies, including some of his largest contributors.
  • Voted for the GOP tax scam to give corporations and the wealthy massive tax breaks.
  • As former Chair of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, recruited the Republicans in Congress who are greenlighting Trump’s agenda and ignoring an increasingly angry electorate who rate the President’s performance as dismal.  

“Voters in CD 2 have had it with Greg Walden,” said Laurie Baden, co-chair of the DPO’s 2nd Congressional District Committee. “He’s a Washington insider more concerned with currying favor from the Trump administration than the needs of families in his district. As a senior Republican leader in the House, he's not only hurting his own constituents but all Americans. Voters from across the nation have an interest in defeating him and we have strong Democratic candidates running who can win this seat. This new fund will help our nominee hit the ground running in the general election.”

Funds raised via the DPO and Act Blue website for the Congressional District 2 candidate nominee fund will be transferred to the winner of the Democratic primary shortly after the May 15 primary.