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FACT CHECK: Knute Buehler’s Record of Voting Against Women’s Health Speaks for Itself

Feb 26, 2018

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Knute Buehler’s Record of Voting Against Women’s Health Speaks for Itself
February 26, 2018
As Knute Buehler continues to try to cover up his real record on women’s health with a misleading op-ed in the Bend Bulletin, the Democratic Party of Oregon is reminding voters of his real record: 
1. In his one and only vote on a woman’s right to choose, he voted against legislation to protect the right to safe, legal abortion (HB3391). In voting against this bill, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, Buehler also voted against extending postpartum care and the full range of reproductive health services to more women.
2. Buehler bragged to a conservative radio host about his anti-choice record, describing his opposition to legislation that would “make Oregon a magnet state” for abortion access (Gator & Denise Radio, 12/17/17)
3. Buehler met with and was endorsed by Oregon Right to Life, the state’s leading anti-abortion group.
4. When asked why he wasn’t defending Planned Parenthood in the face of relentless federal attacks — including the health center in his own legislative district — Buehler refused to help defend Planned Parenthood from attacks, saying, “I can’t help on that”.
5. When asked what he’s doing to improve access to safe, legal abortion — not just contraception — Knute Buehler admitted: “I’m not doing anything to work on access to abortion.
6. In his recent op-ed, Buehler claims that a bill he supported (HB2879) that gives pharmacists the option of getting trained to prescribe contraception is responsible for a decline in the number of abortions in Oregon. In truth, abortion rates have been declining for more than a decade. 
7. Buehler has repeatedly refused to say whether he supports or opposes Constitutional Amendment IP1, which imposes strict limits on abortion access.
“We can’t trust Knute Buehler to protect women’s rights and health,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “Buehler’s record speaks for itself: he voted against abortion access, against postpartum care, and against reproductive health care services.”
Atkins added, “Rep. Buehler continues to repeat tall tales about the impact of a 2015 bill that allows pharmacists to get trained to prescribe contraception. In fact, abortion rates have been declining for more than a decade. To claim that a 2015 bill is responsible for trends that began years earlier is either a gross exaggeration or an outright lie.”
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