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Statement from DPO Chair Jeanne Atkins on Republican Tax Plan, Buehler’s silence

Dec 14, 2017

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Statement from DPO Chair Jeanne Atkins on Republican Tax Plan, Buehler’s silence


December 14, 2017


Jeanne Atkins, chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon issued the following statement this afternoon, again calling on Republican gubernatorial hopeful Knute Buehler to take a position on the GOP Tax plan being negotiated behind closed doors in Washington D.C.


“It’s been two weeks since we called on Knute Buehler to take a position on the disastrous GOP Tax bill in Congress. He continues refuse to say where he stands on this bill that will raise taxes on nearly half of Americans, including more than 60 percent of middle-income families. If you’re running for Governor, you have to take positions. It’s just that simple.  


“As a candidate for the Republican primary, Buehler offers himself as a leader in his party. Yet he runs for the hills when asked his position on real issues that impact regular Oregonians. He has taken no meaningful position on the biggest GOP policy proposal in decades. Buehler’s Republican colleagues — including his own representative, Greg Walden — are rushing a vote on a tax bill written almost entirely behind closed doors, providing new giant giveaways to millionaires and billionaires at middle-class Americans’ expense.


This GOP tax scheme is historically unpopular and the plan is an early Christmas gift to corporate America and the one percent. The middle class gets the short end of the stick, while Trump and his own real estate industry are clear winners in the GOP’s tax plan. Voters will remember every Republican who supports this blatant giveaway to their donors, the wealthy, and big corporations. Perhaps this explains Buehler’s silence.


“Governor Brown has been clear about how this legislation threatens our state and continues to work alongside other Governors to encourage members of Congress to vote "no."  What has Knute Buehler done?  He’s had over two weeks to speak up and fight for Oregonians. His silence demonstrates a serious lack of conviction.”  



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