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Oregon Democratic Party Chair Jeanne Atkins calls on Senator Jeff Kruse to resign

Nov 16, 2017

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Oregon Democratic Party Chair Jeanne Atkins calls on Senator Jeff Kruse to resign
November 16, 2017 
PORTLAND — In response to mounting evidence of sexual harassment against Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg), the chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon, Jeanne Atkins, released the following statement this morning: 
As news coverage continues to build across the nation and our state revealing the pervasive harassment and physical assaults against women in every sort of workplace, I call on Oregon State Senator Jeff Kruse to resign today.
Enough is enough. 
As more facts emerge and accusations surface, we now know his history of behavior is egregious.  There must be consequences — not just never-ending investigations and warnings — for a sitting Oregon senator with this record. 
I commend Senator Sara Gelser and others for coming forward to tell their stories. I have no doubt that they speak for countless other women in the Oregon Capitol and workplaces across our nation. 
To be clear, this is not a uniquely political or partisan issue. We are all responsible for a culture that too often turns a blind eye against systemic sexual harassment and discrimination. 
I hope that this flood of stories from women and men alike who have experienced harassment in Oregon serves as a wake up call. In particular, I call on perpetrators to wake up to the fact that their behavior will no longer be tolerated. The immediate resignation of Senator Kruse would demonstrate that the message has been heard.