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Republican Sam Carpenter brings extreme views to Governor’s Race

Oct 27, 2017

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Republican Sam Carpenter brings extreme views to Governor’s Race
Pro-Trump CEO could self-fund race, play significant role in Republican primary
October 27th, 2017 
PORTLAND — Oregon Democrats raised concerns this morning about Republican Sam Carpenter's announcement this week that he will seek the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor, warning that a Carpenter governorship would constitute a major threat to Oregon values. Carpenter, an independently wealthy businessman, ran for U.S. Senate in 2016 against Senator Ron Wyden. 
“Republican Sam Carpenter is an experienced statewide candidate who could self-fund his way to victory in the Republican primary,” said Jeanne Atkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “We have seen radical conservative candidates win primaries around the country. We can’t take that risk here. Sam Carpenter's views are simply too extreme for Oregon.” 
A number of Carpenter's views are very much in line with the Republican primary electorate. He is a well known denier of climate change, opposes same sex marriage and protections for transgender persons, supports building a border wall, and equates birth control to abortion, arguing for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. 
“Sam Carpenter was a loud and proud endorser of Donald Trump in his candidacy for President,” said Atkins. “He has praised Donald Trump for his despicable and offensive comments toward women. Carpenter’s infatuation with Trump and his right-wing views is completely out of step with Oregon values.”